Getting Started

It's time to live the essential oil, high vibe, glow worthy lifestyle. If you want to know what all the essential oil talk is about, here is a brief overview. Once you have reviewed these pieces, let's talk about your custom plan so I can fit you with the right way to start and give you detailed instructions. We can do this over the phone or video call (fast), text message (pretty fast), or email (slower).


Essential Oils Basic Training

Using essential oils is easy. Just get them into your body by smelling them, applying them to your skin or in certain situations, taking them internally. No need to overthink it once you know the basics. You'd be surprised at how versatile a few oils can be. To be sure you're comfortable, all of my customers get a free 7 part essential oil usage and safety course.


High Quality Oils only

You can't turn around in a store without coming across essential oil bottles advertising themselves as "100% pure." Unfortunately this is often false advertising as nearly all essential oils at stores are adulterated. There are usually low grade oils and even synthetics in that bottle. If you are working with me, it's because you want a better way. I only recommend the highest quality of tested oils for your safety and to assure the best results. I also source through a company that cares about the global community, fair wages, giving back, and human rights. 

Visit to learn about this critical sourcing process and to trace the lot number on each bottle for the testing information you deserve to know about products being used on your body. There's a reason that you can't get this level of transparency from other companies.


Getting a Discount

Many people worry that quality essential oils are expensive. I recommend that you get discount pricing on your essential oils by opening a wholesale account. You can trust that you won't be auto shipped or charged anything you didn't order and you won't be signed up to "do a business" since it's not that type of company. As a wholesale customer you will get significant discounts on your products and my services are included in your costs.

There are "starter kits" with the most common oils at the best discounted prices. They also include a 1 year 25% discount on oils (think Costco membership) and free oil credits with orders. Click the images below to learn more. Even better, get a quick call with me so that I can learn about what you want to work on. No pressure to buy, just a chance to get your questions answered. You can visit my online store to order or place it with me over the phone. Please note that prices listed on my site are retail (25% higher), without a membership.

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 3.36.58 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 3.37.09 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 3.37.18 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 3.37.27 PM.png

Okay...I've ordered my oils, now what?

Once you order, download this Got My what? booklet for important usage and safety information. Also, here is a quick and easy recipe page for using the oils in your new starter kit! Once your oils arrive, schedule your free Wellness Appointment so we can go over all of your oils and design your wellness plan. During that call I will also register you for my free 7 part oil usage and safety course.


Sharing Essential Oils

Have you talked with someone about your essential oils and how you are using them and think, "I know SO many people who need these oils." Good news, here is a simple guide for Sharing the Love so they will have access to the same education that you do. It doesn't mean you are doing the business. There are referral gifts or cash payments depending on your preference. 

Not sure what to recommend to that one friend with all the things going on? I am always open to private consultations for those 'tricky' situations'. Click here to schedule a totally free, no obligation call. Or send me their contact info and I'll be sure to reach out.