Free phone consultation.

Essential oils are a fast, affordable, and often better way to address your health goals. Even if you don't care much about "natural" products, you'll find you love essential oils. I offer complementary appointments to talk about how they would help you. They take about 30 minutes and there is no pressure to buy. We can do these in person, over the phone, through text, or on a video call for visual learners. If you feel this is your best starting point, click here. You can always check out my online store (note: prices are listed 25% higher; add a membership for $35 to get 25% off) or visit my essential oils page for more information.

Not sure what you need? Getting started can seem daunting for some but others just need a few details to hit the ground running. Scheduling an appointment is great way to develop the best plan for you. I promise it will be about you and they won't take a lot of your time. 

Are you a business owner? Essential oils are in high demand and customers expect absolute purity from a trustworthy company. If you'd like to talk about how you can offer essential oils and other natural products, connect with me to schedule an appointment to find the best choice for you.

Your essential oil experience.

I believe in the power of plants and essential oils. It's the focus of what I do because essential oils offer a simple, effective way to get you on track. Essential oils are part of overall cellular health and have a place in everyone's life. Honestly, I don't think you are at your maximum potential without them. Once you have your essential oils, I offer a detailed education and safety program so you can move forward with confidence. I also offer ongoing support to customize your plan and access to a large community of oil users to get quick answers when you need them.

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Exclusive client services.

If we've been connected and you are ready to access your exclusive wellness services, please click here and enter the password you received. You will be directed to your member benefits. Interested in becoming a member? Click here for more information.

Mentorship options.

Are you looking to begin a wellness business? I believe that it is our duty to support one another in achieving success on our given path. If you feel that I can benefit your business or assist you in getting started, connect with me here.  Already on my glowing team of super {natural} heros? Click here to access our team resource pages.

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Work with me.

I have a team of the highest caliber. Each are qualified professionals, from passionate yogis to dedicated nurses to spectacular teachers to amazing nutritionists and fitness coaches to engineers and motivated moms and dads. Every one with a desire to change the way we care for our bodies. If you are called to change lives, connect with me. I offer a variety of opportunities, but all of them are simple, so I invite you to just ask about it. 

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