Hi. I'm Shannon and I coach people on the natural life, both how to live it and teach it. Actually, I'm on a mission to empower every single person possible to care for themselves with the real stuff, not the fake stuff. Once upon a time around 1999, a dear one gave me a drop of grapefruit oil and a guidebook. I've been helping people leverage the power of plants ever since that day. My specialty is hearing you first and then guiding you where you want to go.

I received a Master's degree in Health Psychology in 2002 and spent many years working with hundreds of patients on their health goals, developing corporate healthcare programs as well as creating personalized coaching plans for my private clients. Now I focus on getting people to break free and just live in abundance. I do this by leading a natural wellness business run with integrity + heart + soul. 

I live with Lyme disease and MTHFR. I believe I am meant to help others navigate their care naturally as well. Feel free to contact me if you want to hear more about my plan. We feel better when we all work together.

I love the water and have managed to chase it from the fresh coast to the left coast. I spend my days creating, loving, relaxing, beaching and being the wife and mom. I also spend my time working to bring healthy, local food to my small town. Oh, and camping in our '72 VW bus named "Sugar" (as in Sugar Magnolia and like my grandma used to say, "gimmie some sugar")